The History of Rochester Iron & Metal

Jason Grube, Rochester Iron & Metal's CEO, is the 4th generation in his family to work in the scrap metal industry. The family's history in the scrap industry contributes to its strong relationships, and he continues to grow and build a future in the scrap industry for his family and the next generation.


Jason’s great grandfather, Abe Magazine began his career in the industry in the late 1920s, buying rags in Warsaw, Indiana, and later expanding into buying and selling scrap metal and coal.


In the 1950’s Jason’s grandfather Elmer Lewis learned the industry from his father-in-law and eventually started a scrap metal recycling business in Akron, Indiana, with his wife, Jeanette.


In 1982, Elmer Lewis turned the business over to two of his sons, one being Jason’s step-father Mooch Lewis. Mooch and his brother took over operations and in 1984, the duo reopened their grandfather’s scrap yard in Warsaw, Indiana. And a third brother joined them in 1985.


In 1995, Jason’s step-father Mooch Lewis went out on his own, starting ML Metals in Rochester, Indiana. In 1998, Jason joined the business, becoming the 4th generation of the family to work in the scrap metal industry. The business officially became Rochester Iron & Metal, Inc in 2002.


In 2012, Rochester Iron & Metal moved from its 3-acre facility to a new 30-acre location just down the road at 1552 E. Lucas Street, Rochester. The same year, the onsite shredder was constructed and began operations.