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Yes, if you want the best price. If you don’t separate your materials, you will be paid for the lowest-priced material that’s in your pile.

Yes, but not in small grocery bags. Barrels are preferred but large trash bags are still accepted.

NO. They must be kept separate. We can’t accept them if they are mixed.

The vehicle's gas tank must be removed, all the fluids must be drained, and you must have a title in the seller's name for us to accept it regardless of the vehicle's age. (officially titled, not signed on the front or back) We can also accept a Certificate of Authority from the BMV.

We will need a copy of the current registration or title for the vehicle the converter came off of.

NO, we do not – but check with Fulton County Solid Waste (Recycling Center) that’s just a block from our location. Check with Cass County Recycling District & Howard County Recycling District as well.

We will accept the tower but not the monitor.

Yes, as long as they will pass through our radiation detector.

Yes, the compressor must be removed. It can also be scrapped, but it can’t be attached to the freezer or fridge when it arrives at the yard.

Pretty much anything metal, steel, tin, brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, vehicles, appliances, etc. If you have any further questions, give our office a call.

Yes, we do accept those materials BUT they can NOT be mixed with aluminum beverage cans. Also, these items will be purchased as breakage (dirty aluminum), not at the clean aluminum price.

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